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Solar collectors - ALTER serie


The collector ALTER2004 is a meander type of collector which is manufactured by the highest quality raw material and in accordance to the European standards. It is characterized by its high efficiency and simple installation.

The collector is meander type and can be installed exclusively in forced circulation systems, of high demand, such as space heating or cooling and in big fields.

The frame of the collector is made of extruded aluminum profile, specially treated for extra protection against humidity and corrosion especially in coastal areas.

The absorber is constructed by copper and aluminum with special high sputtering selective surface. The absorber is welded by laser.

The collector is well insulated lateral by 20mm thickness rockwool and at the back by 40mm thickness rockwool. The density is at 50kg/m3

The transparent cover is special solar glass of 4mm thickness.

The collector can be installed on a flat roof, tiled roof and in-roof.

The collector has been tested in the most important laboratories in Europe and is certified by the Solar Keymark.

Overall area (m2)2,15
Absorber area (m2)1,88
Aperture area (m2)1,90
Length (mm)2047
Width (mm)1047
Height (mm)90
Overall weight (kg)45
Absorber's typemeander
Absorber's capacity (l)


CoatingHigh selective
Thickness (mm)


Absorption95% +/-1%
Welding processLaser
Stagnation temperature:201 0C
Efficiency (n0)80,2%
a1 (W/m2K)3,82
a2 (W/m2K2)0,0095
CertificationSolar Keymark
Maximum working pressure10 bar
Heat transfer mediumPropylene glycol 1-2/water mixture

The collector ALTER2004 is available in many different variations and designs, maintaining the basic production and quality standards.

1. Colour

The collectors are available in RAL7038 (silver), RAL7016 (grey anthracite) and RAL9010 (white). Also any other colour on demand.

2. External design

The collectors are availbale in different external design, always at the same dimensions.

3. Packaging

There are available 2 types of packaging, in order to cover the needs of our OEM customers.

Horizontal: Pallet of 1200Χ2050Χ1300(h) mm. In each pallet are packed 12 collectors. The packaging can afford until 4 pallets one on the other, optimizing the storing cost. In a TIR truck we can load 288 collectors, optimizing transportation cost.

Vettical: Pallets of 900Χ1100Χ2150(h) mm. In each pallet are placed 9 collectors. Due the compact packaging it is very easy the handling of the pallets. In a TIR truck can be loaded 270 collectors


4. Personalization

In each OEM customer we can apply the technical labels, code and any other information which is required by the customer. Also we can apply an individual label with the desired logo.


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